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AFBF20 Convention

Jan 16, 2020

Richard Jelinek, Vice President - Global Education, INTL FCStone Financial Inc.
Cassie Adolf, Director - Business Development, INTL FCStone Financial Inc.

The concept of managing price risk is often overlooked by the U.S. producer, which could negate all of their production achievements. This “pure” education session will highlight the many different markets, contracts and applications that could help producers maintain or even enhance their bottom line. A sound risk management portfolio should evaluate all alternatives in the cash, futures, options and OTC markets and allow the educated producer to make the best decision for their farming operation. Learn about KnowRisk, a data management program, which could provide the producer with an additional tool to achieve their marketing goals. Lastly, this session will highlight INTL FCStone’s Preferred Vendor program for AFBF members.